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The Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards Cajun Men Cook in 1995

Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards

The Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards were established in 1990 on behalf of the McIlhenny Company as a way of recognizing achievements in the arena of community cookbooks and to encourage the preservation of a vast array of regional food traditions. It is the only program solely created to recognize the best of the thousands of cookbooks issued annually to generate money for charitable causes. Cash donations are made to the charities specified by each of three national and six regional award winners.

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Beaver Club

Cajun Men Cook


The Beaver Club has contributions to various local children's charities since 1959.

A yearly fundraiser is there " FABULOUS BEAVER CLUB BARBEQUE" that takes place in the fall.

About the Book

First published in 1994, the book has been reprinted several times.